Excellent investment opportunity, local for sale in Aldea Zama – Tulum

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Excellent investment opportunity, local for sale in Aldea Zama – Tulum

We have to offer 3 premises on main street of the exclusive commercial zone of Aldea Zama, the same one already has other premises working, and in full growth.
The commercial premises offer both businessmen and investors a safe opportunity to carry out a commercial project within the community of Aldea Zamá.
The 800 meters of pedestrian zone located along the commercial zone, counts on an infrastructure of world-wide order, offering to the owners of the Commercial Lots the facility to design and to construct their project under the regulations and requirements of the municipality of Tulum.
The pedestrian streets are surrounded by trees and plants creating a natural environment. There are spaces assigned by the administration for multiple services and parking located a few meters from the commercial zone.
Business spins range from bakeries, restaurants, cafes, clothing boutiques, jewelry stores and crafts that will bring life and sophistication to the mall. The famous 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen has served as inspiration for several local owners and stores that have invested in the Commercial Lots of Aldea Zamá which means a high level in the quality of products and services offered.

The price corresponds to Local 2 Local Commercial Ground – 79.58 m2 USD 314,341

We also have locals available:

Local 1 Local commercial Ground – 135.07 m2 USD 533,526

Local 3 Local commercial Ground – 128.22 m2 USD 506,469

The delivery is for Juniio 2020.

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